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Sprite Sheet #1 - Failing Factory by Lord-Cerrin Sprite Sheet #1 - Failing Factory :iconlord-cerrin:Lord-Cerrin 0 0 Rusty Block Tile Set by Lord-Cerrin Rusty Block Tile Set :iconlord-cerrin:Lord-Cerrin 0 0
Save the Queen
She can't see in herself the things that I do,
or the things she should know that are long overdue;
what she sees, I wish I could make disappear,
for they all are simply untrue.
The hurt in her eyes never seems to fade,
it ravages her with its destructive brigade,
pushing everything out that she should hold dear;
there is nothing that she can evade.
For the universe and problems we've put on the shelf,
to the things I have trouble confronting myself,
it's not these issues I must remove without fear;
I must save this Queen from herself...
:iconlord-cerrin:Lord-Cerrin 1 1
Punky Skunk's Tiny Tales - Failing Factory by Lord-Cerrin Punky Skunk's Tiny Tales - Failing Factory :iconlord-cerrin:Lord-Cerrin 0 1
The Music Box
I suppose I have my grandmother to thank for sparking my interest in these little gems. She used to have a few that I would play with every time I visited. They absolutely fascinated me as a child; they were transparent, and I was able to watch the inner workings as they were wound and released. The melodies were simple, yet held an old world charm.
After her passing, I kept the ones I used to play with. This was not only because they reminded me of her, but also because something about old music boxes is relaxing for the body, mind and soul. Whenever I was alone, I’d wind one up and close my eyes to let the music take my mind wherever it chose.
Sometime later (a good few years, at least) I received a package in the mail from an old friend of hers. Attached to it was a small note:
       “Selene made it abundantly clear multiple times
        that she wants you to have this. She would not
        let me rest unt
:iconlord-cerrin:Lord-Cerrin 0 0
That Part of Town
It always goes something like this: the more you’re told not to do something, the more you want to do it. We were just kids, after all; we couldn't help how we were.
Everyone has their own little group of friends at some point, their inner circle. Some let the circle grow when it wants to, but others are a bit more…stern, when it comes to accepting new members.
Ours was no different.
It always seemed like a game of sorts. If you wanted to join, you had to “prove” yourself in a way of the group’s choosing. It would be a lovely little game, other than the fact that more often than not, kids play rough.
Jack seemed like a good type to be a leader. Sometimes he acted as though he was a tad bit touched in the head. He had a little issue with a slightly large ego at times, but he just claimed it was him being confident.
It was okay, because Mark usually kept him in line. Mark was his right-hand man, if kids had those.
Then there was Riley. I’m pretty sure
:iconlord-cerrin:Lord-Cerrin 0 0
...In a riverbed of bones, the fallen wait to rise...
                   ...concealing a house of horrors that leads victims to their demise...
                                       ...a man with long fingers broods over one who will make his reluctant prize...
In my dreams, I can see her... she is unfamiliar to me, yet I have seen her many times. These dreams are extremely vivid; oftentimes I am incredibly surprised and disoriented upon waking, for I was utterly convinced I was already awake. Each night without fail, the dream comes. What is odd is that I am nowhere to be found, myself. It is as though I am watching a story unfold. I am able to see and follow her with ease.
The atmosphere is disturbingly calm, to say the least. Cool, almost cold, stagnant air with no wind… overcast, colorless sky, ripe with a sense of infinite nothingness… the scent of wet earth and rotting wood
:iconlord-cerrin:Lord-Cerrin 1 0
Chapter 3: Ebb and Flow of High and Low
Her train of thought had been derailed. All Janice could do was stare blankly at the picture frame. With her mind racing more than ever, she willed herself to back away until she bumped into the bed. She let out a small gasp and momentarily put the picture under lock and key.
Janice stood and looked down at the body before her. Luke's breathing was slow and even, a small dot visible upon his neck from where the dart had lodged itself earlier. A distressed feeling crept over her and she placed a hand upon his cheek gently.
"Please be alright," she whispered softly. His skin felt warm beneath her palm. She longed for him to awaken, yet also feared the possibility of Criezel's words being true; what if he truly had erased Luke's memories and feelings? A sudden shiver ran through Luke's body, causing Janice to pull her hand away instinctively.
With a twitch and a cough, he let out a groan and began to stir. She watched anxiously with wide eyes; her heart was full of hope that maybe, someho
:iconlord-cerrin:Lord-Cerrin 1 0
Chapter 2: The Lady in White
Their walk seemed to go on for hours with neither speaking a word. Janice had moved a bit closer as she continued to follow along behind Criezel. She had begun to get lost in her thoughts; her mind was still trying to process everything that was happening. Criezel's voice broke the seemingly endless silence.
"We're here."
They had come upon a section of wall that seemed no different from the rest; however Criezel had stopped and looked about it as if it held some form of special significance. He began running a hand over it this way and that in a manner that suggested searching for something.
"Oh, and by the way. Don't think so hard. You'll give yourself a migraine that way," he said casually without turning around. Janice blinked a few times in confusion. Surely that was just a lucky guess on his part. "No, it wasn't," came his words once more. Now a bit more disturbed, she furrowed her brow in a slight frown. "I can't read your mind. I just know you, my dear."
Ignoring her growing un
:iconlord-cerrin:Lord-Cerrin 1 0
Chapter 1: Roadblocks on Memory Lane
Janice raced down the back alleyway as fast as her legs would allow, her footsteps echoing coldly in the dimly lit corridor. The sky overhead was a listless gray, overshadowed by clouds signaling an approaching rain shower. She dared not look back the way she came. The young woman of twenty four years wasn't sure how or why she was where she was; all she was aware of was the presence of another person chasing her down, someone who she wished would be out of her life forever. Doing her best not to trip, Janice held her head down as she ran and kept her pace as best she could. A cheerful, yet equally disturbing voice called out from out of view down the opposite way.
"There's no sense in running, my dear! You're only making it worse for yourself!"
Upon hearing those words, Janice had newfound energy to continue. However, her burst of adrenaline was short-lived as she tumbled forward and rolled until she hit a wall. Mildly dazed but otherwise unharmed, she sat up against it and tri
:iconlord-cerrin:Lord-Cerrin 0 0


Sprite Sheet #1 - Failing Factory
Some unused assets from one of the levels of the game I'm working on. I didn't like the style they were in, as they didn't quite fit the feel. Bonus sprites of the placeholder character I made, just because. They can be used for whatever, I'm not too worried about it. Eh.
Rusty Block Tile Set
A tile set I made that didn't quite pan out the way I thought it would. Eh.
'Tis the day of ceremonial egg thievery and public displays of graffiti upon the neighbor's Easter chickens. Let us rejoice and pray Egg Santa leaves hardboiled goodness in our shoes tonight.


I may have gotten some holidays mixed up.


So it's Easter. Big day to some, mostly unnoticed to others. I suppose I'm somewhere in the middle. That's not really why I'm writing this, though.

Nay, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and wanted to throw words at something. Considering the last time I threw words at something my neighbor threatened to call the police on me, I figured dA would be the next best thing.

Recently, my girlfriend had been staying with me for a visit over her college's spring break period. She lives quite a fair ways away from me, and for the majority of the year we are a long distance relationship. When the planets align and we are granted that one bit of togetherness every now and then, all becomes right with the world and the unicorns once again dance around with rainbows shooting from their arse as they frolic through the meadow. Nature is beautiful like that.

We've been going strong for a couple of years now, and this year around Thanksgiving will mark our third year. It seems odd to say that, especially since it's like I blinked and it all happened at once. I don't want to say time flies, so I offer this instead: imagine if time were a paper airplane. Now imagine you duct taped that airplane to a rock and threw it as hard as you could off a building. In the time that it took to soar down and land on some unsuspecting school child, you've had three birthdays and gotten kicked out of at least one friend's wedding for getting intoxicated and falling into the fountain while drunk singing "Firework" by Katy Perry. It's something like that. But I digress.

She left for home a couple days ago. Her train was late by a few hours (yes, hours) so we were alone with some extra time we didn't think we'd get. It was one of the nicest things that could have happened, even though there were some complications with her getting back home on time. As of this entry, she's back home safe and sound so nobody has to send out a search party. We do accept candlelit vigils and donation pools though, so if your wallet is feeling heavy we can give its contents a good home.

We got to talk about a lot of things and generally just enjoy each others' company. When it finally came time to board, I followed her out to the train tracks and bid a mental "to heck with you, establishment" to the "ONLY TICKETED PASSENGERS BEYOND THIS POINT" sign on the door leading out. The security there is surprisingly relaxed. One final kiss and hug and she was off on the journey home.

I tell you what, it's always hard to watch her leave, but there was nothing quite as empty feeling as walking back through that station alone and hearing my footsteps echo while not having a second set to accompany them. Even now, my mind is conditioned to think that she's right here with me. However, it's not all dark and dreary.

In having a long distance relationship, we got to develop our emotional and mental connection long before our physical one. I consider this an advantage. It also makes every visit that much more meaningful. I think of each visit as more of a countdown to us finally being together for good rather than an individual visit we have to say goodbye to each other to after it's done.

To anybody reading this who might also be in a long distance relationship, don't give up. Yeah, it blows sometimes, and yeah, it's not the preferred choice for a relationship, but it can work. If you're willing to put in the effort and it's something you truly believe in, disregard any criticism you may receive.

We've heard it all already...

"Long distance doesn't last."
"You don't know what they're doing without you."
"You need to see each other X amount of times a year, or it won't last."
"Why don't you find somebody local?"

"It's not a real relationship."

I could go on, but you get the idea.

When it clicks, it clicks. No amount of outside influence from people who know nothing of the situation is going to change that.

Moral of the story: carry on, my long distance brothers and sisters, carry on. If you know it's right for you, naysayers can get bent.


United States
The name's Cerrin. Not sure what else to put. I write, rarely draw, even rarer paint. Anything else that needs to be known can be asked.


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